A collaboration of scientists and citizens in molecular biology.

We aim to build a cell on the molecular level and create a new experiance of biology. Lets start the journey.

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the cellcraft project

Nowadays, huge amount of scientific data is created by new technologies. However, bioinformatics can not play attention into the detail or be creative analyzing data as humans. Collaboration by citizens and scientists, on the other hand, seems to be the perfect complement to analyze and understand scientific data in a more creative and efficient way (i.e. Fold-it, Galaxy Zoo). Thus, citizens are introduced for the first time into research projects, publications and they can visualize and learn science from real data. The CellCraft Project would like to introduce molecular biology into this movement by developing a platform of interaction - MineCraft game - where citizens can create cellular scenarios by uploading real 3D biomolecules simulating molecular processes. Furthermore, citizens can collaborate in a community with scientists where decisions are democratically taken.

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